Official – Peppercorn 2020 – Cancelled

Unfortunately due to the Current COVID19 situation, The Peppercorn Ceremony for 2020, scheduled for Wednesday 22nd April had to be cancelled. We will of course still pay our annual Rental of One Peppercorn at a smaller ceremony once the current Shelter at Home situation is relaxed. We look forward to seeing all of our usual guests and lots of new ones at the 2021 Peppercorn Ceremony, tentatively scheduled for Wednesday 21st April 2021.  We look forward to seeing all of our members, visiting brethren and guests on the square to help us pay the rent.

3 thoughts on “Official – Peppercorn 2020 – Cancelled

  • I wonder if you can help me? I am a Past Master of Lodge Barns o’Clyde 1018 in Scotland. I am a keen collector of Mark Tokens. I have learned you have a copper/ bronze Token and also now see from your website that there is an enamel one. Can you advise me how to purchase these, as I don’t have them. I hope all in your Lodge, their families and friends are staying safe at this difficult time. Thank you, Sincerely and fraternally, Jim Gardiner

    • Hi Bro Jim. unfortunately in the current climate of COVID 19 our Airport is closed and the post Office is not functioning. Once we have postal service back up and running I will send you a token. we do not have any left of the Enamelled version I am afraid. they sold out quickly in 2016.

  • Good Evening, I am a PM of Lodge Saint George Glasgow No 333 and like Bro Jim Gardner PM 1018 who contacted you recently, I am also a keen collector of Masonic Tokens and would be delighted if I could purchase ant Tokens from Lodge Saint George No 200.
    Looking forward to hearing from you and hope you and yours are keeping safe during these unusual times,
    Yours faithfully and fraternally,
    Douglas McGee PM Sec 333

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