How to Join

  1.  To be one, ask one. Masons do not recruit. If you have been wondering why your Masonic friends haven’t invited you to join it is because of this reason. A mason can talk to you about masonry, can tell you many things about the lodge, the history of the fraternity, the ideals… but he can not invite you to join.
  2. Make sure that your family agrees with your decision. If you have a spouse, make sure that they are supportive of your decision to join. Family comes first!
  3. Choosing a lodge. If you have a close friend, colleague, relative who is a mason – it might be good for you to join his lodge, because you will have a familiar face and someone who will help you in the beginning.
    If you don’t know any masons, please use our contact form to get in touch with our Secretary. We would be happy to have a brother meet with you. From there we will be able to introduce you to other brethren and we can mutually see if you would be a good fit for our lodge. The process will take some time so you’ll need to be patient.

After that, if you feel that you found the right lodge for you – tell one of the members that you want to join and ask for an application.

Freemasonry does not solicit members. However, anyone should feel free to approach any Mason to seek further information about the Fraternity. If you are interested in joining, but do not know anyone who is a Mason, please contact us by e-mail and a member of Lodge St. George will get in touch with you. Only men can apply for membership.

In order to become a member, one must meet the following qualifications:

  1. Mature age, with a good character and reputation
  2. Belief in the existence of a Supreme Being
  3. Must be recommended by two members of the lodge
  4. He must be prepared to honour his country, uphold its laws and respect those in authority

Members of any religion, race and nationality are accepted.